Welfare policy

With the motto of people "Employees are the greatest asset, the key to success, each employee is their own customer and the company's customer", so Quang Ninh is always interested in building Main construction includes:

A. Welfare policy

  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, Personal insurance 24/7.
  • Gift 8/3, 20/10, Birthday gift.
  • Bonus April 30, September 2, New Year's Day, 13th month salary, bonus for achievements.
  • Holiday travel, team building.
  • Married workers.
  • Lunch allowance, petrol, phone, heavy duty (technical staff), sales commission (sales staff).

B. Reward policy

  • Bonus on an annual basis. Based on business results and decisions of the Board of Directors.
  • Unexpected reward: In order to recruit individuals and groups with outstanding achievements and sense of responsibility.

Training - Development

Human resource training and development is considered a form of strategic investment, in order to improve management knowledge, professional qualifications, support skills and other skills for employees to perform. the goal of professionalizing the team, meeting the development requirements of the company.

A. Training policy

- Inclusive training

  • Corporate culture, vision - mission - core values.
  • Company rules and regulations

- Professional training: product knowledge, sales skills, construction skills...

- External training: The company sends its staff to external training to improve professional quality.

B. Resource development policy

- Back-up administrators: Employees with good records, complying with the rules and suitable for the culture will be considered for the contingent of administrators.

- Recruitment: Recruiting qualified personnel from colleges and universities across the country.

- Orientation: Integration, orientation for professional training and innovative challenges. Program development and appointment.

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