Quang Ninh Port welcomes vessel of raw materials for beer production by bulk method to the North Area for the first time
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Quang Ninh Port welcomes vessel of raw materials for beer production by bulk method to the North Area for the first time

(MV. Danceflora SW)

On the evening of August 26, 2022, MV. Danceflora SW berthed Quang Ninh Port and began discharging and storing cargo at the port. MV Danceflora SW carried 14,393 tons of barley and malt, which are the main ingredients in beer production technology. This whole volume of barley - malt is owned by a leading company in the field of supplying raw materials and accessories for beer and beverage production in Vietnam. Danceflora SW is the first barley-malt bulk carrier to dock in the North, and is expected to return more in the future. This barley-malt product is usually transported by container mode, but is now gradually converted to bulk cargo mode, which helps to increase production and reduce costs per ton. For this kind of cargo, the requirements during transportation and storage are very strict. The criteria of warehouse quality, humidity, light, temperature, quarantine ... are all very required. Therefore, the choice of suitable warehouse is very important. Only a few warehouses in Cai Lan warehouse system are qualified to store barley - malt. In particular, the system of 6 warehouses of Quang Ninh Port all have ideal conditions for storage, so customers have been very satisfied and trusted to use the port's warehousing service.

(Customers trust to use the storage service of Quang Ninh Port)

With a tonnage of 14,393 tons, Quang Ninh Port needs 24 hours of handling and releasing for this vessel, with a capacity of more than 14,000 tons/day. Due to the characteristics of barley - malt, the requirement for moisture is very high, so it can only be made in the absence of rain. Despite being affected by the circulation of storm No. 3, continuous heavy rain from August 25, but the cargo handling at Quang Ninh Port still took place on schedule, even completed ahead of schedule. At handling completion, a part of the cargo was transported directly to the factory, the rest was stored at Quang Ninh Port. This part would be delivered to customers according to the consumption needs of each brewery.


With this barley - malt vessel, this is also the first time that Quang Ninh Port handling this product. With rich experience in commodity operation, especially agricultural products, the Port does not face too many difficulties in the process of handling this barley - malt. This is also a great advantage of Quang Ninh Port, helping the Port maintain its position and become the leading provider of maritime and seaport services in Vietnam.

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